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Canvas Frame

Using a unique strong corrugated card that has a self-adhesive surface enables canvas prints 360 x 235mm (frame face) to be mounted easily without the risk of future sagging. The finished product is sturdy and lightweight.

Other features include moisture resistance, environmentally resposible, lower shipping costs, no expensive tools required and easy to produce.

The "MagicFrame" also enables quick production for those looking to produce instantly within various on-site events and markets such as sports events or in retail.

MagicFrame Pack

10 x 100% Cotton Canvas Sheets.

10 x Corrugated Frames.

Sticky Pads & Roll of Fixing Tape.

Print with TTC 3.1 Plus

10 Board Frames 10 Canvas and fixing Tape

10 Board Frames 10 Canvas and fixing Tape


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Price: 63.00 / 71.69 (Excluding VAT at 20%)