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The Gdock is a multi-purpose docking station providing a safe place to re-charge and position mobile phones, MP3, PDA or remote control units. The product also reduces potential scratches and possible damage from spilt drinks or beverages within the workplace and home environment.

Gdock makes any handheld device easy to view and find.

Decorate with CPM (2 x Gdock per A4) transfer paper to deliver corporate and branded messages to a multitude of target markets that are prominent and visible daily. Other printed options include calendars, sports fixtures, personal photos or daily reminders.

Gdock is light (40g), flat and made from recycled cardboard offering the perfect environmentally friendly solution for desktop marketing.

To download the print template for Gdock, Click Here.

Print Using CPM

Gdock Blank Pack of 50

Gdock Blank Pack of 50


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