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MagiCut 5FD Design Software

MagiCut 5FD design software, is an ideal software solution for those customers wanting to produce garments using cut (sometimes referred to as 'vinyl') materials.

The MagiCut 5FD version is compatible with the new CE6000 series plotters from Graphtec as well as many others and will work via the USB interface as well as the serial port.

Each copy of MagiCut 5FD must be registered to activate warranty and support. To register simply insert the flash drive key into a USB port of the PC (Windows XP and above).

The software also supports the Print & Cut process for the production of personalised stickers for Mobile phones, ,MP3 players etc using the CL Media SPF label stock or for cutting sign/banner vinyls.

Version 5 MagiCut Software

Version 5 MagiCut Software


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