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MagiCut 6.0 Professional

MagiCut 6 Professional design software - a software package for bespoke garment decoration using TheMagicTouch and MagiCut products. MagiCut 6 Professional includes all the features of MagiCut 5FD plus many more. Designed to meets the needs of customers who require more features and graphic tools than a cutting packages provides. See below for an overview of features...

Version 6 MagiCut Software

Version 6 MagiCut Software


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Price: 399.00 / 454.06 (Excluding VAT at 20%)


  • Easy mask function for the award winning WoW transfer process
    Click to view demonstration of the easy mask  function
    Click Image for Feature Demonstration

  • Product template guide for all existing and future applications of TheMagicTouch
    Click to view demonstration of the  product template guide feature
    Click Image for Feature Demonstration

  • MagiCuts new MDI (Multi Document Interface) allows you to work on more than just one job at a time. Rollups allow you to keep commonly used tools handy without cluttering your work space
    Click to view demonstration of the MDI and  roll ups feature
    Click Image for Feature Demonstration

  • Easy to use MagiCut Print & Cut functions
  • Gradient Fills - Create colourful graduated fills using "drag and drop" colouring. You can add as many colours as you wish as well as control the position and angle of the effect
    Click to view demonstration of the  Gradient Fills feature
    Click Image for Feature Demonstration

  • Bitmap Fills - Use any bitmap image to create a texture. Total control of the size, shape and angle of the texture is offered via a simple graphical control. Use Pre loaded Galleries to drag and drop
    Click to view demonstration of the Bitmap  Fills feature
    Click Image for Feature Demonstration

  • Galleries - Powerful galleries allow you to add objects and effects to your layout in seconds! Simply drag and drop templates and clipart to your layout. Create your own libraries with fully editable objects. Any kind of data can be added to a library including real text.

    Click to view  demonstration of the Galleries feature
    Click Image for Feature Demonstration

  • Image Tracing - You can easily convert (trace) bitmap images to high quality outlines suitable for cutting. You can convert black and white (line-art), greyscale and even colour images
    Click to view demonstration of the Image  Tracing feature
    Click Image for Feature Demonstration

  • Transparent Fills - Transparency values can be given to any object (including bitmaps) allowing objects beneath to "show through". You can also apply graduated and shaped transparent fills.
  • Node Editing - Powerful editing tools give you total control over outlines. Individual lines, curves and nodes can be manipulated to any degree for perfect results.
  • PrintCut tool - The new PrintCut tool makes it simple to define cutting contours with inline, outline and colour bleed options all available from one convenient rollup.
  • Data Tips - Attach your own text data to any object. For instance, information about the material to use and comments about manufacture. The information is displayed when the mouse is rolled over the object.
  • Property Picker - The interactive property picker helps you easily define and transfer properties such as colour, contour thickness and transparency between objects.
  • Improved Layer Manager - Now you have much more control over layers. You can now enable and disable cutting, printing and editing as well as making them visible or invisible. Great for showing/hiding dimension lines and comments.
  • Spell Checking - Now you can help prevent potentially costly and embarrassing mistakes using the built-in spell checker.
  • Repeat along a path - Create multiples of any object along a path.
  • Improved Import Filters - Our new postscript interpreter allows you to import postscript, eps and Adobe Illustrator files without losing bitmap data.
  • Alignment and distribution One fully comprehensive tool helps you lay out your design in seconds.
  • Complete with various plug-in options Inc Photoshop
  • Free web updates