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Orca Ceramic Mug

TheMagicTouch are pleased to confirm all coated mugs supplied to customers in the UK and Ireland for sublimation printing have the award winning 'Orca' coating as standard, giving the ultimate in durability and vibrant colour.

In the past most polyester coated mugs were unable to withstand regular commercial dishwasher cycles and resulted in poor levels of repeat business within the B2B and commercial sectors as the print would fade and bleed. This has now changed and the 'Orca' offers a great opportunity to sell decorated mugs to a host of new markets other than just as photo gifts.

Orca coated grade A 10oz mug, dishwasher safe for use with Mug Press

For sublimation printing only.

Don't forget Mug Boxes to protect your completed mugs.

Case Quantity: 36mugs.

Shipping Charges for Ceramic Mugs

Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for delivery charges relating to ceramic mugs.

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Sublimation Mug Orca Coated

Sublimation Mug Orca Coated


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