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Sublimation Blockout

Introducing a solution to combat ink migration or more commonly known as ink bleeding from garments and fabrics printed with sublimation based ink. The problem has been prevalent in many types of sportswear and in particular football shirts, where a name or number is printed resulting in the base colour contaminating the transfer.

MagiCut-Blockout is a new sublimation resistant multi layer polyurethane garment film with excellent opacity and soft touch.

This unique product can be cut with most plotters, weeded and applied using a traditional heat transfer press at 155-165c for 17-20 seconds using medium pressure. The polyester liner should be removed warm and pressed again for a further 2 seconds. Garments and fabrics that are printed with sublimation inks will not bleed through.

Suitable for transfer onto polyester, polyester/cotton, polyester/acrylic fabrics, soft shell and other similar treated garments and fabrics. Perfect for names, numbers and logos for sportswear, bags and promotional items.

Washable (inside out) up to 60c and suitable for dry cleaning. Nylon and textiles with hydrophobic impregnation are not suitable for Blockout heat transfer. Please refer to MagiCut Nylon Flex.


We always recommend evaluation on test material to ensure perfect consistent results.

Available in 500mm width up to 25m length.

Please note: Premium Flex colours marked with an * posses excellent sublimation resistance due to the type of pigment used, even though they do not have an extra blockout coating.

MagiCut Sub Block White 500mm x 1m

MagiCut Sub Block White 500mm x 1m


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