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TTC Transfer PaperCPM Transfer PaperOBM Transfer Paper
TTC Textile Transfer Paper
For application onto white or pastel colour fabrics and textiles. Coated formula provides the ultimate in soft feel and durability. Transfers can be ironed directly to enhance colours when washed.
CPM Hard Surface Transfer Paper
For application onto various non-porous and non-coated hard surfaces. Use of SoftPad, A-Pad and Heat Sponge may apply when processing.
OBM Dark Textile Transfer Paper
For full colour images onto dark garments or fabrics. Single step process. Supports fine detailing using the MagiCut process. All boxes include release paper.
WoW 7.2 Transfer Paper T.One Transfer Paper DCT Transfer Paper
WoW Dark Garment Transfer
WoW is a transfer paper enabling full colour images, logos and photos to be transfered onto dark garments and fabrics. The unique patented process does not involve any weeding or cutting. This product will change the rules for dark garment decoration onto cotton, polyester, leather, nylon and most textiles.
T.One™ Transfer Paper
Weed free transfer paper for white toner printers - allowing decoration of light and pastel coloured fabrics and garments with no background.
DCT Water Slide Decal Paper
Water slide transfer paper for application onto non-porous smooth surfaces such as ceramics, plates, porcelain, glass, mirrors, candles, soap. Perfect for 3D and curved items.
Temporary Tattoo Transfer PaperCoverSeal Transparent FilmRST 9.1
Temporary Tattoo Transfer Paper
Unique and safe development for the application of temporary tattoos directly onto skin.
Coverseal Transparent Film
Transparent film for A-Pad applications. Gives maximum UV protection and maximum scratch resistance.
RST 9.1
Water Release Transfer Paper - for uneven surfaces such as wood, cork etc
CL Media
ORD 8.1 Transfer Paper
CL Media
Comprehensive range of specialist colour laser media products. For use in toner based colour copiers and printers only.
ORD 8.1 Transfer Paper
Transfer paper allowing decoration of a range of acrylic and glass products.