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Printex- Latex

Printex- Latex

Developed for the existing and future HP Latex ink printers the product is branded as Printex-Latex. This unique product enables full colour images, designs and logos to be printed directly to the coated surface which is then profile cut using the latest Print & Cut option from HP and applied to the garment with application tape using a traditional heat press.

Available on 25m rolls up to 1020mm wide, Printex-Latex is perfect for users looking to enter growing market for personalisation within the workwear, sportswear and promotional garment sector. This new opportunity for existing latex users assists to open and create new markets especially with their existing customers.

With the many technical advantages of latex ink technology including solvent free, fast production, superb colour management combined with outstanding washability and durability onto almost any colour fabric or textile, the combination of TheMagicTouch and HP makes good business and commercial sense.

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