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Printables Toner

Toner Transfer Blanks

A selection of popular products produced using TheMagicTouch toner-based transfer papers.

TheMagicTouch brand, offers ten different specially coated transfer papers for use in selected toner-based colour printers or copiers.

Each paper has its own specific attributes and offers the ability to print in full colour a vast range of products including cotton garments, poly/cotton textiles, ceramics, leather, wood, metal, MDF, glass,
PU surfaces, acrylic and even human skin!

Innovations include the introduction of white-toner printers enabling product decoration regardless of surface colour or composition.

Toner Transfer Blanks
TheMagicTouch image transfer process works with many current toner-based colour Laser/LED printers and copiers. For compatibility of any specific printer make/model contact our technical department direct.

The TMT/OKI printers have proved the best value and most reliable.
The option of the white-toner innovation creates a multitude of opportunities.

All printers are installed with the relevant SpaceControl software for colour management and correct media settings. All printers come complete with 3 year manufacturer’s warranty and support.