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Product Safety Notice – November 2020

A Adkins & Sons Studio Mug Press Elements.

Product Safety Notice – November 2020

We take the safety of our products very seriously and as a precaution, we would like to make sure our customers are aware of how to care for Studio Mug Press elements correctly.

Please ensure when inserting a mug into the press you do so carefully and do not ‘knock’ the corners of the element, thus weakening the PTFE. Never open and or close the element without a mug being properly inserted. Taking extra care during operation will extend the life and performance of the element.

Please ensure that the PTFE material surrounding the element does not become worn or begin to peel away at the top or bottom corners (depending on which element is fitted) potentially exposing the element winding. If a ceramic mug comes into contact directly with the element winding it may cause a spark, and in exceptional circumstances, may cause a flame. Please note, this is a very rare occurrence and this notice is only deemed a precaution.

Should the PTFE material show signs of wear or begin to peel away from the element winding, please replace immediately.

For any further advice or guidance please contact us directly at