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DTF Extraction Unit

DTFMagic Portable Extractor

The portable extractor is used with the curing oven to avoid any smoke/fumes from the DTF process environment. Each extractor contains an advanced filtration system consisting of different replaceable filters achieving 99% air purification level.

The S1001 Single station model is both compact and easy to use. The unit is to extract any smoke or residue created when curing the DTF transfers. Please note each unit contains a multi-layer filter system using 3 separate filters that will need replacing subject to use (see below). All particles up to 0.3 micron are filtered and purified up to 99.99%.

Each filter has a different life, based on 6 hours of use a day.
Cotton Filter – (Pack of 5) 7-10 days (wash in water and dry several times for maximum use)
Middle Filter: – Change every 3 Months
Main Carbon Filter: Change every 6 Months

DTF Extraction Unit Specification:
Inlet Interface: 75mm
Voltage: 220v 50Hz – 60Hz
Rated Power: 115W
Wind Speed: 12m/s
Filtering: 0.3μm – 99.99%
Noise: <45dB

Direct-to-Film (DTF) is a new innovative transfer technology that garment decorators and promotional product suppliers have been waiting for; eco water-based inks; no pre-treatment required, soft feel and durable. Not only is it suitable for cotton, polyester, performance fabrics and workwear. But also pique fabrics, canvas and leather. And also denim and lots more. All regardless of garment or item colour.

Dimensions – H 50 x W 25 x D43cm Excluding Extraction Hose
Flexible Extraction Hose – 150cm