1. Can I use TheMagicTouch Transfer Papers in an Inkjet Printer?

No our papers are designed for use in Colour Laser/LED Toner based machines

2. Do your Transfer Papers work in my Colour Laser Printer?

Our papers work in most colour copiers but struggle with some of the entry level desktop printers. Please call or email us to request compatibility information with your make & model.

3. Is TheMagicTouch Transfer process the same as Sublimation?

No, with our transfer process you can apply images to any surface, Sublimation requires polyester to be present in the printed article.

4. What is Sublimation?

Sublimation is the transition of a substance directly from the solid to the gas phase without passing through an intermediate liquid phase. To use Sublimation you will need a printer with Sublimation Ink and a substrate with a polyester mix to sublimate to.

5. Why do you have different types of the same paper eg TTC 3.1 TTC 3.5 TTC 3.3?

The different papers are generally just different base weights. Some backing weights are better suited to certain machines. New Printers and copiers arrive to the market every day and we constantly test our papers with them. By having multiple versions of papers, hopefully we can always have a paper that works in your Printer/Copier.

6 . Do you have a template for a particular item?

Templates for some of our printable items can be found under the support tab at the top of any page. If we don’t have a template then please email us and we’ll see if it can be added at a later date.

7 . What is the best way of printing [FILL IN THE BLANK] product?

Give us a call and ask! Depending on the colour of the item, the type of surface and it’s properties – different papers and processes area applicable. We’ll happily tell you the way we would approach the job.

8 .Do you have a video for [FILL IN THE BLANK] product?

Please visit our YouTube channel by clicking HERE. New videos are added often, so check back frequently

9. What is the capital city of Kenya?