Arc Mug Presses

Arc Mug Presses – complete with standard elements

How easy is it to print a mug?
See below how easy it is to print a mug in 5 easy steps.
Step 1
Print Transfer paper, in mirror image, then trim to size.
Step 2
Place and position transfer on to coated mug and tape in position using heat tape.
Step 3
Using mug press apply required time and heat with normal pressure.
Step 4
Remove from press and peel transfer immediately for outstanding results.
Step 5
Submerge in water to complete the process.
Mug boxes are also available.

Additional elements available.
Elements for the Arc Mug Presses include:
A (1.5oz Shot glass)
B (12oz Latte)
C (17oz Latte)
D (2.5oz Espresso)
E (6-10oz Mug)
F (10-11oz Mug)
G (Enamel Mug)
H (20oz Bottle)

Satin mug wrap required for toner printed mugs, enamel mugs and vacuum bottles.

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