DTF Direct To Film Printers and Consumables

DTF Direct To Film Printers and Consumables.

DTF Direct To Film is an exciting addition to garment decoration innovation that you cannot ignore. Some have shied away from DTG printing in the past because of the pre-treatment process required when using white ink. DTF breaks this cycle and requires no pre-treatment but still offers the soft hand water based ink produces.

Using a specific kind of water-based ink to print a film transfer. Once the ink is dry, powdered glue is applied, it is then heat cured ready for storage or instant use. One of the benefits to DTF Printers is there is no need to use pre-treatment. The powdered glue does this job for you. Once cured you can transfer the soft water based ink transfer onto the garment with a heat press in just 15 seconds.

We offer a commercial system that prints onto a 600mm wide roll. Based on a custom printer using the same dual head engine as the R-Jet PRO DTG.

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DTF Mutoh Printer

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