DTF Capping & Cleaning Solution 1000ml


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DTF Capping & Cleaning Solution

Not suitable for MUTOH Printers

Premium DTF Capping & Cleaning Solution 1000ml

DTF printers, have a capping system. This system is part of the maintenance mechanism and has a capped assembly. The capped assembly helps prevent the print heads from drying out when not in use. It also protects the print heads from dust and debris.

Printers often require regular cleaning to ensure optimal performance. Cleaning solutions, usually specific to the type of ink and printer technology, use to clean the print heads, remove dried ink or debris, and maintain print quality.

Capping stations rarely break, they most likely clog up with congealed ink. The ink dries out over time or when the printer is left unattended. Use the Premium capping and cleaning solution to flush out ink and coat the working parts. The solution decreases the inks ability to congeal and dry. Use it as a capping station cleaner as part of the end of day cleaning routine.

DTF is a printing method where you print the image directly onto a special film, you can then transfer onto various surfaces, such as garments, using heat and pressure. Capping and cleaning solutions are commonly associated with maintenance in printing equipment, including DTF printers.