DTF Cotton Filter Pack of 5 For Extraction Unit

Cotton Filter – (Pack of 5) change every 7-10 days (wash in water and dry several times for maximum use)

For use with DTF Extraction Unit


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DTF Supplies UK

Cotton Filter – (Pack of 5) 7-10 days (wash in water and dry several times for maximum use)

The DTF Cotton Filter Pack of 5 for Extraction Unit is designed to effectively capture fine particles and dust during the DTF printing process, ensuring clean air and optimal printer performance.

For use with DTF Extraction Unit

Direct-to-Film DTF Supplies UK are essential components in the DTF printing process. Which has become popular for its ability to print high-quality, vibrant designs on various fabrics. The main DTF supplies UK include DTF inks, DTF powder, DTF film, and other DTF consumables, as well as equipment like DTF printers, DTF curing ovens, and DTF finishing units.

DTF Supplies UK

DTF Inks: These are specialist inks for the DTF printing process. They must have excellent adhesion properties and be vibrant enough to ensure high-quality prints. CMYK colours, along with white ink, which is crucial for printing on dark fabrics.

DTF Powder: Use the adhesive powder to bond the printed design to the fabric. After printing the design on DTF film, apply the powder to the wet ink. The powder melts during the curing process, creating a strong adhesive layer that ensures the design sticks firmly to the fabric.

DTF Film: DTF films have a special coating of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) films that serve as the transfer medium for the designs. Print the designs onto the matte side of the film, which has been treated to accept the DTF inks and powder. The films come in rolls.

Other DTF Consumables: Additional supplies include cleaning wipes and solutions for the printers. Also maintenance kits, and software for design and colour management.

DTF Printers: Specifically for the DTF process. They typically feature multiple print heads to handle CMYK and white inks.

DTF Curing Oven: After you apply the DTF powder to the printed film, use a curing oven to melt the powder, creating a durable adhesive layer. This step is crucial for ensuring the design will bond properly to the fabric during the heat press stage.

DTF Heat Press: Use a heat press after the transfer process. It uses heat and pressure to transfer the design from the film to the fabric. The heat press ensures the design adheres securely and can withstand washing and wear.

Overall, the DTF Supplies UK and the printing process requires a combination of high-quality consumables and specialised equipment. To produce durable, vibrant prints on various fabrics, making it a versatile and popular choice in the textile printing industry.