Secabo DTF Double Plate Heat Press

Secabo TPD7 Pneumatic Double-Plate Heat Press

DTF Double Heat Press. The new TPD7 heat press by Secabo is ideal for professional and accurate processing of large-scale and extensive transfers. In large editions and supports all commonly used transfer methods.

The pressure produced by this double plate heat press is achieved through compressed air. This means significantly easier working and consistent, reproducible results.

With a size of 40 x 50cm each, the DTF Double Heat Press offers a particularly generous working area for comfortable positioning of transfer objects. Unlike its predecessor, the TPD7’s base plates are provided in portrait format, further simplifying precise positioning of the objects to be transferred.

The comfortable work surface on each exposed base plate also helps increase the quality and and precision of transfers.

The horizontally movable heating plate head can be smoothly aligned over the respective work plate and the vertically impinging pressure allows for a flawless transfer of various materials without misalignments or similar issues.

Quick change systems and replaceable plates (only with the quick changer) for the new TPD7 are sold separately.

Warranty is 2 Years on all parts.


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Secabo TPD7 Twin Pneumatic Heat Press