Secabo TPD7 Twin Pneumatic Heat Press


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DTF Twin Heat Press

Introducing the latest TPD7 heat press by Secabo. Designed and built to accommodate production capabilities for all types of transfer and in particular that of DTF. (Direct To Film)

This double plate heat press uses pressurized air to create the pressure that it does. This translates to substantially simpler work and reliable, repeatable results.

The DTF Twin Heat Press provides a particularly large working area for convenient positioning of transfer objects, measuring 40 x 50cm each. The TPD7’s base plates are provided in portrait format rather than landscape, which makes it easier to precisely position the things to be reproduced.

Each exposed base plate’s work surface contributes to the improvements in transfer quality and accuracy.

A variety of materials can be transferred flawlessly without misalignments or other problems. Thanks to the vertically impinging pressure and the horizontally movable heating plate. It smoothly aligns over the appropriate work plate.

A twin heat press with dual heating elements or platens. This design allows for simultaneous printing on two substrates or a larger printing area. Use a twin heat press to increase efficiency in production, especially when dealing with multiple items or larger designs.

Warranty is 2 Years on all parts.