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T.Foil Dark

T.Foil Dark

T.Foil Dark

As part of our on-going crusade to assist customers in reducing production cost and time when decorating garments we introduce another innovative and affordable process.

This will “tick all the boxes” for garment decorators.
In the past the decoration of garments with metallic and sparkle effects has involved the traditional method of cutting and weeding .This can become somewhat of a challenge when producing intricate designs or short-run production orders quickly.
The T.Foil Dark transfer process offers the ability for the user to produce stunning results quickly and very cost effectively onto almost any garment regardless of colour or textile composition.
The first part of the process involves printing the required design with a “composite” black onto the T.Foil Dark transfer paper available in either A4 or A3 format using  a CMY plus white-toner based laser printer. T.FoilDark can also be used with some standard CMYK OKI Printers when used in conjunction with the SpaceControl Basic RIP

The printed transfer paper is then applied to the garment using a traditional heat press.

Then from a choice of over 18 colours of foil the design is covered and heat pressed again resulting in a durable decoration which involves no cutting or weeding.

The finished transfer has a final press to ensure outstanding feel, look and durability.

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