Cork Placemats & Coasters

Cork placemats and coasters provide a blend of natural aesthetics and functional design.

They offer an ideal surface for toner transfer decoration.

These items feature a sturdy cork backing that not only adds stability but also protects surfaces from scratches and heat.

The front surface is suitable for toner transfer customisation, allowing individuals to infuse their own style into these practical accessories.

To decorate cork-backed placemats and coasters using toner transfer.
First print a design onto toner transfer paper with a laser printer or copier. Then carefully transfer the design onto the surface using a heat press, This process creates a durable and visually appealing decoration that combines the warmth of cork with personalised designs.

The cork backing enhances the longevity of the items and ensures they remain stable on various surfaces. Toner transfer decoration offers a delightful marriage of style and functionality for tabletop settings.

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