MagiCut Heat Transfer Vinyl

Heat Transfer Vinyl HTV

Heat Transfer Vinyl HTV

The MagiCut® Heat Transfer Vinyl range. Perfect for application onto almost every type of workwear, leisurewear and textile. Use with traditional plotter/cutters and apply with a heat press. The process is clean, simple and affordable.

MagiCut® HTV heat press vinyl makes short run production easy and profitable with the advantage of removing traditional screen and set-up costs. As a result make good profits from minimal investment.

123 Flex MagiCut Heat Transfer Vinyl

A unique PU Flex with the advantage of no pre-press required, warm or cold peel. A lower tack adhesive backing consequently makes weeding of large graphics and text quick and simple. You can choose from 2 application methods (high or low temperature). You can apply 123 Flex at high temperature for speed. Also apply at low temperature to minimise scorching and marking making it incredibly versatile.

123 Premium Flex Heat Transfer Vinyl HTV

Offers the same advantages of 123 Flex with a quick press time and the low temperature application. This version, however, has a ‘tackier’ carrier, enabling complex designs to be easily cut and weeded.
Hot application is a 3-5 second press to the garment at 160°C and cool peel.  No garment pre-press is required. Furthermore if you have easily marked or sensitive fabrics you can apply  123 Premium at 120°C for 20 seconds with a cold peel.

Both 123 products are available in 41 colours. We also offer a white with embossed backing, for more visible weeding.

MagiCut HTV is also known as Tshirt Vinyl, Printable Tshirt Vinyl, Clothing Vinyl, T shirt vinyl, T-shirt vinyl

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