Leisurewear & Textiles

Toner transfer leisurewear textiles utilise a heat transfer process with toner-based designs, allowing for the creation of personalised and long-lasting patterns on various garments, adding a unique flair to casual and comfortable clothing.

Decorate these Leisurewear and Textile blanks with designs that you can print onto toner transfer paper.

Leisurewear and textile blanks provide a versatile canvas for customisation, and toner transfer is an effective method for adding designs to these items. Creating custom apparel, understanding the characteristics of leisurewear, choosing suitable textile blanks, and mastering the toner transfer process are key to achieving high-quality, personalised results.

  • Print the design onto the toner transfer paper in reverse/mirror image.
  • Place the printed side of the paper onto the fabric, securing it in place.
  • Apply heat and pressure using a heat press, transferring the toner onto the fabric.
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