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DTF Printing what is it all about?

TheMagicTouch and Resolute DTG DTF Printing (Direct to Film) TheMagicTouch and Resolute DTG in the UK announce their collaboration together... View Article


Abracadabra News from TheMagicTouch Spring 2021 Welcome to our latest edition of our Abracadabra newsletter. We hope that you and... View Article

Temporary Tattoo

Tattoos without the Pain! Temporary Tattoo As global pioneers of the digital image transfer process. TheMagicTouch(GB) continue to offer the... View Article

Sawgrass Inks The heart of Sublimation

Sublimation the process of using heat and pressure to permanently transfer ink from paper into a physical object. This all ... View Article

No Heavy Metal………. Just Soft-Metallic!

Soft-Metallic HTV No Heavy Metal………. Just Soft-Metallic! TheMagicTouch introduce an addition to their extensive range of Flex, Flock, Glitter, Reflective,... View Article

Live From Dunstable.

Live From Dunstable.   Showrooms and Training Facility TheMagicTouch announce the refurbishment of their Dunstable showrooms and training facilities is... View Article

Follow the Flock

Premium Flock HTV Follow the Flock TheMagicTouch GB Limited (TMT) announce an additional 16 colours to their existing range of... View Article

Behind the Mask

Printed Face Masks The world now accepts the reality of wearing face masks and coverings. This will be part of... View Article

Sawgrass SG500/SG1000 printers

Sawgrass SG500/SG1000 printers The new Sawgrass SG500/SG1000 Printers Hit the Market With WiFi, Increased Resolution and Energy Savings After two... View Article

Heat Press Choices

Heat Press Choices Heat presses are used to permanently apply a transfer to a surface and they are an integral... View Article

How to use Printex Soldark SubliBloc

How to use Printex Soldark SubliBloc Printex Soldark SubliBloc The second in our series of new style Videos more to... View Article

Vacuum bottles

Creating a Vacuum! Vacuum bottles TheMagicTouch continue to innovate and develop applications that turn ideas into profit. Global Crusade With... View Article