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July 9, 2019 3:54 pm

Vacuum bottles

Posted by The Magic Touch

Creating a Vacuum!

Vacuum bottles

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Vacuum bottles

Global Crusade

With the current global crusade to banish and replace all single use plastic bottles from our daily lives we offer our unique image transfer process to decorate and personalise the latest global craze of vacuum bottles.

Using the latest in white-toner technology together with the established CPM transfer paper full colour designs can be applied using a traditional mug press.

The process unlike sublimation is able to register white and therefore full colour imaging is possible on any colour bottle. These very popular products can now be decorated with the advantage of a minimum of one. This makes them considerably easier to sell and market to target customers.

The unique bottle style design incorporates an insulated food grade stainless steel layer with an insulated liner that enables the bottle to keep both hot drinks “hot” and cold drinks “cold” for up to 12 hours.

Vacuum bottles

The  bottles themselves are available from all the major trade promotional suppliers, online suppliers and even high street retailers in the UK such as Wilko.

The bottles are easy to clean, rust proof and leak proof with a wide drip free mouth opening.

Average cost for  full colour decoration is less than 25p per bottle and takes less than 2 minutes to produce.

The company also offer a range of coloured enamel mugs printed using the same CPM process with the same traditional mug press.

Jim Nicol, commented, “These products make real sense and will be part of our lives for many years to come. Until now the choice of technology available to decorate different colour mugs and drinks bottles has been restricted. Previlousy only with traditional screen/pad printing or more recently using UV printers. What we offer is an affordable, quick and very durable solution. Assisting customers to increase the range of products possible using the TMT/OKI white-toner technology.