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A3 TMT/OKI Pro8432WT Colour + White LED Printer

A3 TMT/OKI Pro8432WT Colour + White LED Printer

A3 TMTOKI Pro8432WT.  This model with has a smaller footprint and new toner configuration from that of the previous A3 model. It also offers a comprehensive range of printable options for garment and promotional product decorators. The compact A3 printer is installed and powered using the bespoke ‘SpaceControl4’ software. SpaceControl4 has all the standard features of SpaceControl for the 7411WT.  It mirror designs where needed. You can apply multiples on a sheet. Resize is simple. Above all it also adjusts density of colour and uses toner more efficiently therefore saving you money. There are also enhanced features only available to the Pro8432WT which bring new possibilities to transfer printing.

The A3 TMTOKI Pro8432WT white toner printer model sits alongside the existing white toner TMT/OKI Pro7411WT A4XL model. Offering potential users a choice to suit their individual needs and budget. All TMT/OKI printers come with a 3 year warranty. Jim Nicol, Managing Director explains “The TMT/OKI solution is the best entry-level option for digital image transfer. The printers are quick. Offer outstanding image quality and are very affordable. Using the latest white toner tech the range of printable applications continues to grow. 100% cotton, denim, nylon, polyester, performance fabrics and even leather, are all printable regardless of colour.”

Furthermore TMT enables those yet to enter the short-run personalisation market to do so without any major financial risk or capital investment. Finally we also host various open-house events together with regional roadshows throughout the year where the printer will be available for evaluation.

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