OKI PRO7411 WT A4 Printer Package Inc USB Cable

OKI PRO7411 WT A4 Printer Package Including USB Cable


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Please note: The OKI Pro 7411 WT is not shipped in the normal way. Once payment and requirements are confirmed a convenient Install date will be scheduled with our Install Team.

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OKI PRO7411 WT – TheMagicTouch, global pioneers of the digital image transfer process for the past 20 years, announce the arrival of yet another significant milestone for the garment decoration and promotional gift industry. We are proud to introduce the new and exclusive OKI Pro7411WT Colour-Plus White LED Printer with white toner added to the CMY colour process. This unique innovation in toner technology delivers excellent opacity and therefore a very high ‘White’ factor for non-fabric hard surface applications such as folders, mugs, binders, leather and PU surface products as well as garments and textiles.

In conjunction with WoW7.8 transfer paper and our bespoke SpaceControl RIP software the Pro7411WT becomes the perfect, affordable, solution for all garment decoration regardless of fabric colour or type, without any cutting or weeding involved.

With a minimum application temperature as low as 140°C it overcomes the tendancy for scorching by a heat press on the new popular ‘high tech’ performance fabrics and garments. SpaceControl brings the 7411WT alive with options that allow you to easily transition between transfer types and optimised settings with the click of a button, whilst offering fully customisable settings should you wish. Mirror designs, multiply on a sheet, resize, adjust density of colour and uses toner coverage more efficiently (saving you money) – plus many more features with ease. The new white toner also extends a new lease of life to existing transfer papers allowing the decoration of any colour materials, products and substrates.

Now CPM papers can decorate dark colour mugs, diaries, leather, PU products, phone and gadget covers, binders and various types of folders with ‘white’ as the extra colour included in the design. The new ‘white’ also extends to tattoo paper for skin and nail decoration as well as CL media for the production of stickers and decals with opaque full colour definition for signage. The reliability of the Pro7411WT is such that OKI offer an extended 3 year warranty – completely free of charge. Just register the printer within 30 days of your purchase for extra peace of mind at no extra cost.

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