Hip Flasks

Hip Flasks Toner Transfer

Hip flasks are not only functional items but are often seen as stylish accessories or personal items with sentimental value. Whether used for personal enjoyment or as a gift, the compact and customisable nature of hip flasks makes them a popular choice.

Toner transfer hip flasks offer a distinctive and customised way to carry favourite spirits on the go.

Print designs onto CPM toner transfer paper using a laser printer or copier.

Then carefully transfer the design onto the surface of the hip flask using a heat press.

This process allows for the creation of individualised and detailed designs, ranging from monograms and quotes to intricate graphics or photographs.

Toner transfer ensures a durable and long-lasting decoration on the flask. Making it not only a functional accessory but also a personal statement.

These customised hip flasks make for exceptional gifts, combining utility with a touch of individuality, and they are perfect for commemorating special occasions or expressing one’s unique style.

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