Hip Flask Black Leatherette Wrap 2 Piece (Pack of 10)

Hip Flask Black Leatherette Wrap 2 Piece (Pack of 10)


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Best Quality Hip Flasks

Hip Flask Black Leatherette Wrap 2 Piece (Pack of 10)

Use with Hip Flask – 7oz Stainless Steel Including Funnel & Gift Box
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Use with CPM toner transfer paper to personalise or decorate.

Design and Material:
  • The hip flask wrap consists of two pieces of black leatherette material.
  • Leatherette is a synthetic material made to resemble leather, offering a sleek and elegant appearance while being durable and easy to clean.
  • Use the wrap with CPM toner transfer paper, allowing you to personalise your Best Quality Hip Flasks with custom designs, images, or text.
  • Toner transfer is a printing technique where you can print designs onto special paper using a laser printer. Then you can transfer onto the desired surface using heat.
  • To Personalise your Blank Best Quality Hip Flasks, first design your artwork or text using graphic design software.
  • Next, print the design onto CPM toner transfer paper using a laser printer.
  • Carefully place the transfer paper onto the leatherette wrap, ensuring the position is correct.
  • Apply heat using a heat press to transfer the design onto the leatherette wrap.
  • Once the transfer is complete, remove the paper to reveal the personalised design on the wrap.
  • Customising your hip flask with a personalised design adds a unique touch and makes it stand out from generic flasks.
  • The leatherette wrap provides a smooth and even surface for the toner transfer process, ensuring high-quality results.
  • It offers a cost-effective way to personalise hip flasks compared to other customisation methods.

The 2 Piece Black Leatherette Wrap for the Best Quality Hip Flasks provides a convenient and stylish solution for personalising hip flasks using toner transfer applications. With its durable construction and customisable design options, it allows you to create a unique and personalised accessory that reflects individual style.