Release Paper A4 Box 50 Sheets

Release Paper A4 Box 50 Sheets


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Release Paper A4 Box 50 Sheets

Also available in A3

Release paper serves as a protective barrier during heat transfer process, such as using a heat press for garment decoration. Its role is to protect both the heat press and the garment being decorated.

Protection of the Heat Press
In the context of toner transfer for garment decoration, release paper acts as a barrier between the toner (or other heat-transferable material) and the heat press surfaces.

Toner can sometimes stick to the heating elements or surfaces of the heat press. The release paper A4 prevents this by providing a non-stick surface, ensuring that the toner adheres to the garment instead of the press.

Protection of the Garment
The release paper acts as a protective layer between the hot platen of the heat press and the garment. This helps prevent scorching or burning of the fabric, especially for delicate or heat-sensitive materials.

The release paper helps distribute heat evenly across the garment, promoting consistent and accurate transfer of the heat-transfer material (such as vinyl, sublimation ink, or toner) onto the fabric.

Enhances Image Quality

The release paper provides a smooth surface for the transfer process, helping to ensure that the heat-transfer material adheres uniformly to the garment. This contributes to the overall quality and durability of the transferred image.