DTF Main Filter For Extraction Unit

Main Carbon Filter: Change every 6 Months

For use with DTF Extraction Unit


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DTF Supplies Main Filter

Main Carbon Filter: Change every 6 Months

For use with DTF Extraction Unit

DTF Supplies Main Filter

The DTF main filter for an extraction unit is a pivotal component in the Direct-to-Film DTF printing process, ensuring both the quality and safety of the printing environment. It captures and removes larger particles and contaminants generated during printing and curing, protecting the workspace.

Function and Importance

1. Primary Filtration: The main filter serves as the first line of defense in the extraction unit, trapping larger particles and dust before they can reach the more delicate components of the DTF supplies. This initial filtration is crucial for maintaining the longevity and performance of the equipment.

2. Equipment Protection: By capturing these larger contaminants, the main filter helps prevent clogs and wear on the more sensitive parts of the DTF printer and other associated supplies. This protection ensures that the DTF printing system operates smoothly and reduces the frequency of maintenance issues.

3. Enhanced Air Quality: The DTF main filter significantly improves air quality in the printing environment by removing dust and other particulates. This is particularly important for maintaining a clean workspace and ensuring the health and safety of operators.


1. Filter Material: The main filter is typically constructed from robust materials capable of trapping larger particles. These materials are often pleated to increase the surface area, enhancing the filter’s efficiency and capacity.

2. Durable Housing: The filter is housed in a sturdy frame designed to fit securely within the extraction unit. This housing is built to withstand the operational demands of a DTF printing setup, ensuring that the filter remains effective over time.

Maintenance and Replacement

1. Regular Inspections: Routine checks are essential to monitor the condition of the main filter. Given its role in protecting other DTF supplies, it’s important to ensure the filter does not suffer from clogging or damage.

2. Timely Replacement: Replacing the main filter at recommended intervals is critical. Using high-quality replacement filters from reputable DTF supplies vendors guarantees continued protection and performance of the extraction unit and the overall printing system.

DTF Supplies Main Filter

Overall the DTF main filter for an extraction unit is a vital component. It ensures the efficient operation and safety of your DTF supplies and printing environment. By effectively capturing larger particles, it protects the equipment and enhances air quality, contributing to a cleaner and more reliable DTF printing process. Regular maintenance and timely replacement are essential practices to uphold the quality and longevity of your DTF supplies.