Product Details

Premium DTF Adhesive Powder

Specially formulated to be low temperature and low odour. Fully compatible with Premium DTF Film & Inks. You can manually apply the adhesive powder to cure the transfer or use one of our fully automated transfer finishing systems. Then you can heat press the finished transfer at 150c for 15 seconds and then peel cold.

How do you apply the Adhesive Powder and cure the printed transfers?

There are two options when it comes to applying the DTF adhesive powder and curing the printed transfers. The entry-level option is to do the process manually and curing using either a drawer oven or a heat press with a dwell function. For volume production and reducing labour costs we suggest using the automatic shaker unit. The unit applies powder and cures all in one easy workflow operation. The powder will only adhere to where the ink is printed on the film. And it is possible to re-use all excess powder.

Direct-to-Film (DTF) is a new innovative transfer technology that garment decorators and promotional product suppliers have been waiting for. Eco water-based inks; no pre-treatment required and soft feel. Suitable for cotton, polyester, performance fabrics and workwear. Also pique fabrics, canvas, leather, denim and lots more. All regardless of item colour.

Always use personal protective equipment (PPE) when manually applying DTF adhesive powder to transfers and to ensure proper ventilation.