DTF Ecofreen Film Roll 60cm x 100m


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DTF Ecofreen Film Roll 60cm x 100m


DTF (Direct-to-Film) film is a heat transfer film you can use to decorate garments. Print high-quality, full-colour designs directly onto the special film, then transfer onto fabrics using a heat heat press.

DTF film involves using a specialist printer with DTF-compatible inks to print designs onto a translucent film. The printer deposits ink onto the film in the desired design and colour. Print the design onto the film which serves as the carrier, then transfer onto the fabric.

DTF Ecofreen Film Roll has an adhesive layer on one side, which allows it to adhere to the fabric during the transfer process. The adhesive layer activates and bonds with the fabric when you apply heat and pressure. After the transfer process, peel the film off, leaving the design on the fabric.

DTF film can be used on various fabric types, including cotton, polyester, and blends. It is suitable for a wide range of garments such as t-shirts, hoodies, bags, and more.

DTF film allows for the creation of high-resolution, full-colour designs with intricate details and gradients. It is capable of reproducing complex artwork, photographs, and multicolour designs.

DTF transfers are durable, wash-resistant, and long-lasting. The designs maintain their vibrancy and quality even after repeated washes.