DTF Kodak Inks

Article March 2023

DTF Kodak Inks

DTF Kodak Inks
We are pleased to announce the entry of Kodak into this market, giving more customers access to a high-quality, lower-cost business option to create amazing, printed fabric projects.

Kodak has been producing and selling digital inks for thermal piezo and continuous inkjet systems since the 1990s. It manufactures its Kodacolor products in Rochester in New York state.

Why switch to Kodak Inks?

Whites work better — they’re brighter and cover even dark fabrics well.

White and colour inks stay in their own lane — don’t worry about one covering the other or impacting the quality of the graphic. Colours are bright with very high density. The touch, is soft, stretchable, and resilient. The graphics resist sweating, washing, moisture, and rubbing they stay crisp and gorgeous through multiple wear cycles. You get great detail and precision.

Kodak DTF inks formulated for Epson printheads.

These very high gamut inks offer rich deep colours, the White Ink is high opacity and has good dye migration blocking properties. Suitable for use in the DTFMagic 60PRO, the DTFMagic 60, the DTFMagic 45 and the R-Jet PRO. In fact any DTF printer using Epson printheads DX, XP & i3200 series. Also can be used with most films and adhesive powders.

Due to the high gamut value these inks require a different ICC profile, colours may change from previously printed jobs.

If you wish to swap over to these high quality Kodak DTF inks please

contact sales@themagictouch.co.uk

or call 01582 671 444