DTFMagic 60PRO with
DTF Manual Curing Process

Direct To Film (DTF) Transfer Printing

DTF Manual Curing Process – DTFMagic 60PRO Direct To Film (DTF) Transfer Printing

Prepare your design/file as vector PDF or EPS. Copy, size and nest accordingly.

Send file to the printer direct,
from the DTFMagic RIP.

Once printed, pause and cut film off.
Be careful as transfer is still wet.

Pre cure printed transfer for
1-2 seconds in the curing oven.

Place cured transfer into the Powder Tray.
Be sure to cover all the image with adhesive powder.

Shake film of excess powder and cure the transfer
in the oven for between 80-120 seconds.

Pre press the garment to remove any creases and position the transfer.

Press at 150°C for 15 seconds.

Peel warm or cold, depending on your Film.

Seal with release paper or PTFE sheet for matte or gloss finish.