Beta Combi Press

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Cap Pocket Heat Press

Beta Cap Press frame with interchangeable heat plates and base tables for Caps and Pockets. One year warranty

A versatile and efficient tool designed specifically for heat transferring designs onto caps and pockets with precision and ease. This innovative equipment offers various features to enhance customisation capabilities and streamline workflow processes.

The Beta Cap Pocket Heat Press frame is engineered with durable materials and precise construction. This ensures stability and reliability during operation. Its robust frame provides a sturdy foundation for heat pressing, minimising vibrations and ensuring consistent results with each application.

One of the standout features of the Beta Cap Press is its interchangeable heat plates and base tables. These components allow users to switch between different sizes and shapes of heat plates and base tables to accommodate various cap and pocket dimensions. Whether working with standard-sized caps or specialised pockets. This flexibility enables users to tailor their equipment to specific project requirements, maximising versatility and efficiency.

Heat Plates

The heat plates deliver uniform heat distribution across the entire surface, ensuring precise and consistent transfers of designs onto caps and pockets. Their smooth and durable construction guarantees optimal performance and longevity, even under prolonged and intensive use. Additionally, the heat plates are equipped with advanced heating elements and temperature controls. Allowing users to adjust settings according to the heat transfer material and substrate being used.

The base tables provide stable support for caps and pockets during the heat transfer process, preventing shifting or misalignment and ensuring accurate positioning for optimal results. Their interchangeable design allows for quick and easy attachment and removal, facilitating seamless transitions between different project setups and configurations.

Overall, the Beta Cap Press frame with interchangeable heat plates and base tables offers a comprehensive solution for heat transferring designs onto caps and pockets with precision, consistency, and efficiency. Its durable construction, versatility, and advanced features make it an indispensable tool for businesses and individuals engaged in custom apparel decoration and personalisation.