DTF Magic Premium Ink White – 1 Litre Bottle

DTF Magic Premium Ink White – 1 Litre Bottle

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DTF Supplies Premium Ink

DTF Magic Premium Ink White – 1 Litre Bottle

Direct-to-Film (DTF) printing is a revolutionary technology in the garment decoration industry. Allowing for vibrant and durable prints on a variety of fabrics. DTF Supplies Premium Ink plays a crucial role in this process, offering superior quality and consistency for professional results. One standout product in this range is the DTF White Premium Ink. Available in a 1 litre bottle, designed to provide exceptional coverage and brightness.

DTF Supplies Premium Ink formula has high opacity, making it perfect for both light and dark fabrics and garments. This ink delivers excellent adhesion to the film and, subsequently, to the fabric, ensuring prints that withstand washing and wear. The 1 litre bottle is a convenient size for both small businesses and larger production facilities. Ensuring that there is always enough ink on hand to meet demand without frequent reordering.

Compatible with the DTFMagic 60PRO printer

One of the key benefits is its compatibility with the DTFMagic 60PRO printer. Additionally, the ink’s formulation helps prevent clogging and sedimentation, ensuring smooth and consistent printing without interruptions. Minimising downtime and maximising productivity.

The DTF White Premium Ink is known for its vibrant and opaque finish, which does enhance the final look of the prints, making colours pop and designs stand out. This quality is essential for creating high-impact, professional-grade apparel that meets customer expectations. The reliability and performance makes it a preferred choice for businesses aiming to produce top-tier printed garments.

In summary, the DTF White Premium Ink  is an essential product for any DTF printing operation. Its high opacity, excellent adhesion, and compatibility with the DTFMagic 60PRO printer make it a standout choice. By using DTF Supplies Premium Ink, businesses can ensure their prints are vibrant, durable, and of the highest quality.