Glass Placemat 210×268 with Black Border Pack of 20

Glass Placemat Pack of 20


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Glass Placemats

Glass Placemats 210 x 268 with Black Border Pack of 20

Thermally treated glass surface with foam base. Patented design enables decoration using simply plain paper or photos.

Made from thermally toughened glass and are suitable for both domestic and commercial use conforming to BS3193: (1993 Annex B) in regard to thermal shock and fragmentation. The unique design of these products allows a full colour image from either plain paper from your laser printer or indeed traditional photo-based paper.

The image is easily positioned under the glass and sealed with the self adhesive foam back. Avoid placing in dishwashers as the surface can be easily wiped clean.

Placemats: 225mm x 275mm (inc black border)