Liberty SubliPrint A4 Micro Pack – 10 Sheets Per Pack


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Liberty SubliPrint Micro Pack

Liberty SubliPrint A4 Micro Pack – 10 Sheets Per Pack

Printable film with SUBLIMATION INKS for heat transfer on to textiles.

Heat-adhesive film for dye sublimation inks on self-adhesive polyester carrier.

Printable film: 150 microns Low tack adhesive polyester carrier: 120μ

The newly developed “Liberty SubliPrint” printable sublimation transfer media enables vibrant full colour imaging onto a host of garments and fabrics including all types of cotton, polyester, mixed fibres and nylon regardless of colour. All products are certified to Oekotex Standard 100 Class 1. The transfer media is eco-friendly, water-based, solvent and PVC free and vegan friendly.

This unique one-step printable media available in both A4 and A3 format is printed directly using a traditional sublimation printer. The thin coated product offers a soft touch with good stretch properties. The printed media can be manually trimmed or profile cut using a plotter/cutter with an optical eye function for precise and complex designs. No mirror image required. Designs involving free form text can be applied easily using traditional application tape if needed. Available now in both A4 & A3 format with 50 sheets per pack and micro packs of 10, size A4.


1. Very soft touch, thin and stretch film, can be transferred on all textiles, clear and dark
2. Quick transfer at low temperature : 140°C – 15sec -Possibility to transfer with an iron
3. Suitable to standard sublimation inks
4. A professional quality with vibrant colours and details
5. Quick and easy direct print
6. Possibility to cut out the contours thanks to a plotter with an optical eye function
7. No need of Application Tape as it stays flat and is easy to remove from the carrier for simple shapes
8. Universal thermo-adhesive with excellent proven bonding on most textiles
9. Withstand many washing cycles up to 30°C .
10. Can be used with sublimation inks but also inkjet
11. Eco friendly, water based, solvent and PVC free polyurethane.
12. Low carbon profile manufacturing: all operations made under one roof
13. 100% made in France, out of european raw materials.
14. Last generation machines and exclusive manufacturing process

How to Use.

Print Via Sawgrass Print Manager

Substrate type : Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV)- Paper : Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV)- Quality : High Quality

You can cut out the contours with scissors or use a plotter
Set up the blade to cut only the print film, and not the carrier, then weed.

Place the print on the textile, protect it with release paper and press at 140°C -15 seconds (150°C-20sec for nylon). Hot Peel

If your artwork has pre-spaced patterns, wait about 30 minutes for the ink to dry before applying Application Tape  Press and peel cold