Luggage Tags 195 Mic/260gsm 4 up on A4 (25 Sheet Per Box)


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Luggage Tags
195 Micron/260gsm Pre-cut synthetic media luggage tags.
Matt white, 4 per A4 sheet, 25 sheets per box.
Waterproof and tear proof.

Perfect for all travel, golf, corporate, and schools. Suitable for
duplex printing.

For Toner-based printers only.

Pre-cut Door Hangers, ID Cards and Wristbands are also available.

CL Media Range

TheMagicTouch offer a great range of quality specialist papers and media products for use
within a vast range of toner-based laser and LED colour laser copiers and printers.

Each product has its own unique market applications and offer the ability to produce,
Labels, Stickers, Signs, Wristbands, Door handle Signs, ID Cards, Luggage Tags, Laptop and
Phone Protectors, Car Bumper Stickers and Wheelie Bin Decoration – all designed
for a variety of decoration purposes.

Templates are available now to download, consequently making designs and samples easy and quickly to produce.

Please note:  CL Media products are NOT suitable with any ink-based printer.

Toner Printers

A breakthrough in printing technology. The Pro8432WT A3 white toner printers print in any colour including white. Furthermore, it is easy-to-use and affordable. In addition it is ideal for creative and graphics arts use. The Pro8432WT prints solid, sharp, bright white colour designs on a wide range of media.

The Pro7411WT A4 white toner printer prints in any colour, including white, on dark and transparent media. Furthermore the innovative technology gives designers, graphics studios, manufacturers and creative businesses. Hence giving more flexibility for in-house printing, proofing and production.