Oki C650 Fuser Unit


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Oki C650 Fuser Unit

The Oki C650 Fuser Unit is a crucial part of the Oki C650 series colour laser printers. Its primary function is to bond the toner particles to the paper through the application of heat and pressure. The fuser unit consists of a heated roller and a pressure roller that work together to fuse the toner onto the paper, resulting in permanent prints.

The fuser unit is designed to withstand high temperatures to ensure efficient and reliable operation. However, over time, the fuser unit can wear out or become damaged, leading to issues like smudging, streaking, or paper jams. In such cases, replace the fuser unit.

We recommend regular maintenance and cleaning of the fuser unit to maintain optimal print quality and prevent potential problems.

The toner transfer method.
First create a design and then print the design onto a suitable transfer paper using a laser printer. Laser printers are best because they use toner, you can transfer toner easily because it is a powder.
Next, clean and prepare the substrate by ensuring it is free of dust, oils, or contaminants that could interfere with the toner transfer.
Then place the transfer, toner side down, onto the substrate. Apply heat and pressure to transfer the toner. This can be done using a heat press. The heat melts the toner, and the pressure helps bond it to the substrate.
After the transfer process, allow the substrate to cool down. Once cool, gently peel off the transfer paper. The toner will adhere to the substrate.