Sublimation Mug Two Tone Black Handle & Inner Case 36


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Sublimation Mug Two Tone Black Handle & Inner Case 36
Mugs Two Tone Black

Two Tone 11oz Orca Sublimation Mugs, Case 36 Mugs (3 x 12 layer), 16kgs per case
Mug Dimensions: 94mm (H) x 80mm (W), Volume 325ml

All Two Tone mugs are dishwasher proof for over 3000 cycles and conform to the standard EN 12875-4: 2006,
Mechanical Dishwashing of Utensils-Part 4 Rapid Test for Domestic Ceramic Articles.

ORCA Coatings® has been the industry leading sublimation coating since 1992, highlighting a proprietary polymer-based coating that ensures the highest quality and durability. Using the ORCA Coating technology,

These Sublimation Mugs feature a contrasting colour combination of black and white. Use theses mugs with the dye-sublimation process. You can transfer high-quality and vibrant full-colour designs onto the mug surface.

These black and white two-tone sublimation mugs have a white exterior with a black handle and interior. The two-tone design provides a striking contrast and visual appeal, making it a popular choice for personalised gifts, promotional items, and custom branding.

The sublimation process involves printing a design onto a special sublimation transfer paper using sublimation inks. The printed design is then transferred onto the mug using a mug press. The heat and pressure from the press cause the sublimation inks to convert into a gas, which permeates the surface of the mug and bonds with the polymer coating. This results in a durable and vibrant design that becomes a permanent part of the mug.