Temporary Tattoo A4 Paper plus Adhesive Sheets 25 Sets

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Temporary Tattoo A4 Paper combines elements of fun and excitement for all age groups and is compatible with most toner based colour laser printers and copiers. Simply print the design in mirror image (fill the sheet with as many images as possible). Place transfer in position and cover with wet cloth for approximately 10 seconds and press firmly. Remove cloth and slide away transfer. 10 set pack also available- all packs contain tattoo and adhesive sheets.

Temporary Tattoo A4 Paper

Temporary Tattoo Application

To apply, simply peel the clear protective film from the bonded trimmed tattoo. Position on the skin (non-hairy areas for best results!). Using a wet sponge or cloth dampen the backing paper liberally with water for 10-15 seconds. Now slide the carrier paper away. With a dry cloth absorb any excess water and gently dry. In normal room temperature the tattoo takes about 15 minutes to cure. Gradually over a few hours the shiny finish becomes a matt effect revealing a superb realistic tattoo. To achieve the matt effect quicker, simply dab some talcum powder over the tattoo.



Tattoo Application

Tattoo Application

How to create and apply TheMagicTouch Temporary Tattoos with Tattoo 2.1