WTT White Toner Transfer A4 Film + Paper 50 Sheets in Box


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A4 WTT White Toner Transfer – Film & Paper

Set (2x) 50 sheets film & 50 sheets paper

This White Toner Transfer represents the latest innovation in the transfer paper market. It offers exceptional vibrancy, remarkable durability, and features a transparent film.

Suitable for

Cotton, polyester, blends, leather, PU leather, canvas, silk and acrylic.

Toner transfer paper for garment decoration is a special type of transfer paper you can use to transfer designs, images, or text onto fabrics using a heat press. Use this process in creating custom T-shirts, bags, hats, and other textile items with personalised designs.

The process begins with designing the desired image or text using graphic design software. Print the design onto the toner transfer paper using a laser printer or a copier. Unlike regular paper, toner transfer paper has a coating with a heat-sensitive adhesive layer on one side, which allows the toner to adhere to fabrics when you apply heat.

Print your design onto the A4 White Toner Transfer paper, then trim to remove any excess paper around the edges of the design. This step helps to ensure a clean transfer onto the fabric without any unwanted borders.

Next, place the transfer paper with the design onto the fabric with the toner side facing down. Position the transfer paper carefully to ensure the design adheres to the garment correctly.

Then apply heat and pressure to the transfer paper using a heat press. The heat activates the adhesive on the transfer paper, causing it to bond with the fabric. Simultaneously, the heat also melts the toner on the paper, allowing it to transfer onto the fabric’s surface.

After the heat transfer process is complete, carefully peel away the transfer paper from the fabric, leaving behind the transferred design. The fabric is then allowed to cool before the design is fully set.