Transfer Paper User Guide

TheMagicTouch® Transfer Paper User’s Guide

Although, TheMagicTouch opens a world of countless applications, it does not come without certain limitations and rules to be observed. Remember, your colour copier/printer was originally designed for the use of normal plain paper only. Transfer papers, however, consist of two different materials which enable them to perform for their purpose: a paper liner with a single side plastic film material attached, specially designed for the different applications. Materials like this will perform differently under certain environmental conditions with the electrostatic imaging process in your colour copier/printer. To maintain your Transfer Printing Operation under the best conditions and to avoid unnecessary service calls, please read these guidelines carefully before you start and always refer back if any problem should occur.

The nature of the products, environmental conditions, and especially humidity will have a higher impact on the performance than printing on normal plain paper. TheMagicTouch Transfer Papers are pre-conditioned and curl-controlled to provide excellent results with environmental conditions between 30% and 60% relative humidity and copier/printer manufacturer’s temperature specifications. Usage outside these specifications may lead to increased paper jams and/or degraded copy/print quality. At the same time it also may have a negative impact on the estimated lifetime of certain components in your copier/printer.

Note: Consult your copier/printer manufacturer to verify which ‘side up’ the transfer paper must be fed in your copier model. Transfer paper fed wrong ‘side up’ can cause damage to the copier/printer!!!

Note: Consult your copier/printer manufacturer to verify which ‘side up’ the paper must be fed in your copier model. Transfer paper fed wrong ‘side up’ can cause damage to the copier/printer!!!

Please observe the following recommendations:

1. Store TheMagicTouch Transfer Paper in a dry place. The airtight shrink-wrap should only be opened prior to immediate use of the paper. After opening the shrink-wrap, keep boxes closed during storage.

2. Only the amount of paper required for immediate use should be taken out of the box! Unused sheets should be returned into the box. Extended exposure to the environment, especially at higher humidity levels, may force the paper to curl and will cause feeding and/or jamming problems.

3. Single sheet feeding through the bypass is recommended. However, if stack feeding from bypass/multifeeder or tray/cassette is required, fan the stack of paper along all sides/edges to avoid multi-sheet feeding. Never stack Transfer Paper on top of plain paper. ( Note: See Compatibility Guides for exceptions applying to certain copiers/printers ) Avoid copying/printing down to the last sheet because the last two or three sheets tend to multiple feed.

4. A4/8½”x11” size paper must not be fed short edge first! SEF feeding can lead to damage of the fuser rollers. All MagicTouch paper products can be obtained in A4R/SEF format if required i.e. for A4/Letter size printers.

5.Keep all trays clean at all times. Dust and fabric nap/fibres can be carried  into the  copier/printer by the paper and may contaminate the pick-up and feeding rollers and may have a negative impact on the lifetime of certain components of the equipment.

6. Copying/printing of dark colour designs/originals and printing from a computer may provide incomplete fusing/toner offsetting under certain conditions, mainly on the trailing end of the paper. In this case, either reduce toner saturation or use heavy weight/thick paper mode. [see Compatibility Guides]

7. As a general rule, copying/printing 1 to 2 steps lighter in image density/brightness than on normal/plain paper has been experienced to provide the best final results.

8. Use originally converted formats only. Processing manually cut A3/11”X17” to A4/8½”X11” may result in paper jamming and may cause damage to the equipment.

Important: Never use force to clear a paper jam !!!