11oz Cyan Satin Enamel Mug Case of 36 (Toner Only)


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Product Details

Satin Cyan Enamel Mugs for Toner Transfer – Case of 36

The approximate dimensions are
80mm tall x 86mm diameter,
and holds 11oz/300ml

Transfer Paper – CPM
Time – 120 seconds
Temperature – 150°C
Pressure – Medium
Mug Press & Element G Required

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11oz Cyan Satin Enamel Mugs are an excellent choice for use with CPM toner transfer paper. A versatile medium for creating custom designs. These mugs combine high-quality materials and a smooth finish, making them ideal for achieving vibrant, long-lasting prints.

The mugs can withstand the heat necessary for the toner transfer process without cracking or chipping. The ceramic surface is complemented by a satin enamel finish. This provides a slightly glossy and smooth texture that enhances the quality of the transferred images. The cyan colour adds a unique and modern aesthetic, making the mugs visually appealing and distinctive.

Using CPM toner transfer paper with these mugs involves a straightforward process. First, you create your desired design using graphic design software. Then, print the design onto the CPM transfer paper using a laser printer, as the toner in laser printers is crucial for the transfer. The printed transfer paper is then carefully placed onto the mug, ensuring there are no wrinkles or air bubbles that could distort the image.

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The next step involves using a mug heat press, which applies both heat and pressure to transfer the toner from the paper to the mug. The heat causes the toner to bond with the enamel surface of the mug. After the heat press cycle is complete, the mug is allowed to cool before the transfer paper is peeled away, revealing a crisp, vibrant design.

The combination of the Cyan Enamel Mugs satin finish and CPM toner transfer paper ensures that the final product is not only visually stunning but also durable. The transferred designs are resistant to fading and can withstand regular use, including washing. This makes 11oz Cyan Satin Enamel Mugs ideal for personalised gifts, promotional items, or retail products, offering both aesthetic appeal and practical durability.

In summary, 11oz Cyan Satin Enamel Mugs are highly suitable for use with CPM toner transfer paper, providing a durable and visually appealing canvas for custom designs. The process is straightforward and yields professional-quality results, making these mugs a preferred choice for various applications.