11oz Pink Satin Enamel Mug Pack of 12 (Toner Only)


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Blank Pink Mugs – Satin Enamel Mugs for Toner Transfer – Pack of 12

The approximate dimensions are
80mm tall x 86mm diameter,
and holds 11oz/300ml

Transfer Paper – CPM
Time – 120 seconds
Temperature – 150°C
Pressure – Medium
Mug Press & Element G Required

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These 11oz blank pink satin enamel mugs are a popular choice for decorating and personalizing with CPM Toner Transfer Paper. Featuring a smooth, satin finish, these mugs provide an excellent surface for applying custom designs.

Made of high-quality ceramic, these blank pink mugs are coated with a pink satin enamel finish, giving them a smooth, matte appearance that contrasts nicely with glossy finishes. With an 11oz capacity, they are perfect for a standard cup of coffee, tea, or any hot beverage. The durable enamel coating is resistant to daily wear and tear, making these mugs suitable for regular use. The smooth satin surface ensures crisp and clear results when transferring images and text.

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CPM Toner Transfer Paper is a specialized paper used to transfer designs onto various surfaces, including ceramics. To use it with your enamel mug, start by creating or selecting your design on a computer and ensure it’s the correct size for the mug using graphics software. Print the design onto CPM Toner Transfer Paper using a laser printer.

Carefully cut out the printed design, leaving a small margin around the edges. Position the cut-out design face down on the mug, ensuring it is straight and properly aligned. Use a mug press to apply heat and pressure. Once the mug has cooled completely, carefully peel off the transfer paper to reveal the design.

Personalizing these 11oz blank pink satin enamel mugs with CPM Toner Transfer Paper allows for high levels of customization, making each mug unique. The satin enamel finish ensures the transferred design is vibrant and long-lasting, making these mugs ideal for gifts and promotional items. This method provides a durable and attractive finish, offering a fantastic way to create personalized, high-quality mugs.