DTF Mutoh 628D Cleaning Solution Slot 7 500ml Cartridge


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DTF Mutoh 628D Cleaning Solution Slot 7 500ml Cartridge
Mutoh 628D DTF Cleaning

Mutoh DTF (Direct-to-Film) cleaning cartridge is a specialist product for cleaning and maintaining DTF printers.
DTF is a digital printing method that transfers ink onto a film, which you can then transfer onto fabrics and textiles.

Mutoh DTF cleaning solution is formula that effectively removes ink residue and unclog printheads. It also maintains the optimal performance of DTF printers. It helps to dissolve and disperse dried ink, preventing printhead blockages and ensuring consistent print quality.

Designed specifically for Mutoh DTF printers, these cartridges have a formula to work effectively with the printer’s ink system. The cartridges contain a cleaning solution that helps dissolve dried ink and debris, enabling thorough cleaning of the print heads. By flushing the print heads with the cleaning solution, the cartridges help remove any blockages or clogs, improving print quality and preventing streaks or banding.

Regular use of cleaning cartridges is recommended to maintain the longevity and performance of the print heads. They aid in preventing ink build up and potential damage caused by dried ink. Cleaning cartridges can typically be installed in the same way as regular ink cartridges, making it a straightforward process.