Sublimation Ricoh Cartridge SG7100DN Magenta (High Capacity)

Sublimation Ricoh Cartridge SG7100DN Magenta (High Capacity)

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Sublimation Ink Magenta – Ricoh Cartridge SG7100DN (High Capacity) 68ml

An essential component for achieving high-quality sublimation prints using the Ricoh SG7100DN printer. Use this cartridge for high-volume printing tasks. Holding 68ml of magenta sublimation ink, which is ideal for businesses, print shops, and individuals focused on garment personalisation and decoration.

The high-capacity design of this cartridge minimises the frequency of replacements, thereby enhancing productivity and efficiency. This is particularly advantageous for operations that require continuous printing, such as those involved in custom apparel and promotional products.

Sublimation ink, like the magenta ink in this cartridge, is formulated to work seamlessly with the sublimation process. When heated, the ink transforms from a solid to a gas, bypassing the liquid phase. This gaseous ink penetrates the surface of polyester coated substrates and fabrics, embedding into the fibers to produce vivid, durable prints. The result is high-resolution images that resist fading and cracking, essential for quality garment decoration.

The magenta ink plays a crucial role in producing a wide range of colours, especially vibrant reds and pinks, which are essential for full-color designs. This is vital for creating detailed and colourful custom garments, including t-shirts, sportswear, and promotional items. Accurate and bright magenta hues are key to achieving the desired aesthetic in personalised apparel, making the designs stand out.

Compatibility with the Ricoh SG7100DN printer ensures optimal performance and consistent print quality. The integration between the cartridge and printer guarantees reliable operation, reducing the likelihood of print errors and maintaining high standards of output.

In summary, the Sublimation Ricoh Cartridge SG7100DN Magenta (High Capacity) 68ml is indispensable for professional garment personalisation and decoration. Its substantial capacity, high-quality magenta ink, and seamless compatibility with the SG7100DN printer make it a reliable choice for producing vibrant, durable, and detailed prints.