Sublimation Ricoh Cartridge SG7100DN Yellow (High Capacity)

Sublimation Ricoh Cartridge SG7100DN Yellow (High Capacity)

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Sublimation Ink Yellow –  Ricoh Cartridge SG7100DN (High Capacity) 68ml

A Specialised ink cartridge designed for the Ricoh SG7100DN sublimation printer. Providing essential support for high-quality garment personalisation and decoration. With a substantial capacity of 68ml, this cartridge is ideal for high-volume printing. It reduces the frequency of replacements and thus enhancing productivity.

This yellow sublimation ink is formulated to produce bright, vivid hues that are crucial for accurate and vibrant colour reproduction in garment printing. Sublimation printing involves the transformation of solid ink into a gas when exposed to heat and pressure. This gaseous ink then embeds itself into the fibers of polyester coated substrates and fabrics. Resulting in prints that are both vibrant and durable. This method ensures that the prints are resistant to fading, cracking, and peeling, which is vital for the longevity of personalised garments.

The high capacity of the yellow ink cartridge means it can support large print runs, making it suitable for businesses and individuals engaged in custom apparel production. Whether printing t-shirts, sportswear, or promotional items, the ability to produce consistent and accurate yellow tones is key to achieving professional results. The vibrancy of the yellow ink enhances the overall quality of full-colour designs, ensuring that every print is eye-catching and detailed.


Designed for seamless integration with the Ricoh SG7100DN printer, this cartridge ensures optimal performance and reliability. The printer and cartridge work together to deliver consistent print quality, avoiding common issues such as colour inconsistencies and ink bleeding. This compatibility also helps in maintaining the printer’s performance over time, ensuring that it remains a reliable tool for high-quality sublimation printing.

Using genuine Ricoh cartridges like the SG7100DN Yellow (High Capacity) guarantees that the printer and prints meet rigorous quality standards. Genuine cartridges are tested for reliability and performance, ensuring that the prints maintain their quality over time and through multiple washes.

In summary, the Sublimation Ricoh Cartridge SG7100DN Yellow (High Capacity) 68ml is an essential component for achieving high-quality, durable, and vibrant sublimation prints on garments. Its large capacity, vibrant colour output, and seamless compatibility with the Ricoh SG7100DN printer make it an invaluable tool for professional garment personalisation and decoration, ensuring that custom apparel stands out and endures.