Weed & Shine Tool

Weed and Shine Weeding Tool Customer Feedback

Weed and Shine Weeding Tool


We asked some customers who recently purchased the MagiCut Weed & Shine Tool for some honest feedback.

Here are their comments:

“In my opinion the new weeding tool is a vast improvement; both of terms of its elegant design making it aesthetically a lot more pleasing then previous versions and its blade which seems to possess an extra sharpness making the process a lot smoother and cleaner. However, without doubt its strongest asset is the light, a simple yet highly effective addition, which makes the job so much easier and means the days of needing to put your face right next the design are no more!”

“I think the new weeder is better as it has a sharp point which makes it easier to weed the small flex. The light on it is great especially when there is a glitter flex to weed as sometimes it can be hard to see the design on glitter flex, however my eyes did ache after having the light on for too long.”

“The new weeding tool is very easy to use and very sharp and the added light is very useful which makes it easier to see exactly where you need to pick.”

“I think it’s really good! the light is very bright and after a while starts to hurt your eyes but even without the light on I find it a lot easier to weed than our old ones. I think this is because it’s so sharp on the end. Anyway, I like it!”

If you have any feedback for us please send an email to sales@themagictouch.co.uk.